Terms of Use

Treat other visitors with respect. Do not attempt to break the world.

If you create areas that might be disturbing, offensive, or otherwise triggering for visitors, please post appropriate warning on the links.

If you discover a problem, please report it.

Seltani is managed by Andrew “Belford” Plotkin. The Tworld server code was created by Andrew Plotkin, and is available under the MIT open-source license.

The contents of individual worlds are owned by their creators, and are made available for your personal enjoyment only.

I do not normally monitor or approve user-created content in Seltani, except as an interested visitor. However, all actions on the server are logged, including chat. If problems arise that threaten the integrity of the system, I may have to employ administrative privilege to block or shut down an area. I may also add warnings to links that I feel are not adequately labelled.