What Is This?

In Character

The New Writers are an open project to explore the technology of the D'ni and their Linking Books. We are here to create and share new worlds.

For more information, sign in and visit the orientation table in the Cavern!

The New Writers are not associated with or supervised by the D'ni Restoration Council.

Out Of Character

Seltani is an online, shared, text-based, open-source fan project based on the Myst series of games. In this environment, players can create and share explorable worlds.

IndieCade 2015 finalist

Tworld, the server engine behind Seltani, is a generic engine for a shared text environments. (Seltani is a Tworld server which has been customized with Myst-specific content.) Tworld is written in Python and based on open-source technologies such as Tornado and MongoDB. It is available under the MIT open-source license.

Seltani is not associated with or supervised by Cyan Worlds.